19 janvier, 2005

Living Well Off The Fat Of The Land : Indymedia Colombia

Living Well Off The Fat Of The Land : Indymedia Colombia: "according to the Atlanta Journal Constitution, in 1994, Coca-Cola paid $1,200 to have Zel Miller, then Governor of Georgia, to listen to country music in Branson, Mo. Miller served as Chairman of Education Commission of the States. The next year, Coca-Cola paid $500 to treat the State Agricultural Commissioner Tommy Irvin four tickets to the Dayton 500, that then were reimbursed by Irvin following a reporter's inquiry.

Source: Mark Sherman, '...Special access for officials 'bad idea', attorney general says.' The Atlanta Journal Constitution, May 12, 1995, p. 1A.

Last year, it was reported that in Tennessee, Coca-Cola gives legislators expensive tickets.

One television report explained:

"And what about expensive gifts like Super Bowl tickets? Listen to what state Sen. John Ford, D-Memphis, tells a group in a Capitol Hill bar.

"So how do you get all these tickets?" someone asks.

"He knows the right people," explains a nearby lobbyist.

"No, different times -- Coca-Cola most of the time," Ford responds.

"NewsChannel 5 Investigates: Perks of Power," December 10, 2003

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